Key Idea

Many people find themselves in helpless situations and having to deal with a multitude of poverty related troubles. The biggest issue is that there is no place where all these problems can be addressed in a cohesive, integrated manner. In spite of the existence of many organizations & non-profits ready to help, their services are generally fragmented & inadequate unless provided as an integrated whole.

  • There are people in need.
  • There are people and organizations that want to help.
  • But still, people are slipping through the cracks.

The Solution

The Good Grid provides:

Service Directory

We developed a comprehensive directory of providers with detailed and up-to-date information about the services they provide. This helped us understand the range of services available.


Many times, beneficiaries are unaware of the range of services and programs that they are eligible for. We help beneficiaries understand what kind of support is available to them.

Integrated Support

It is currently very difficult for to get integrated & collaborative support. We help guide beneficiaries through the process of bettering their lives through the support of several providers.

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