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A centralized platform for searching, requesting & delivering social services
A toolkit to better provide integrated, cohesive case management for community partners


Who uses Good Grid?

Seekers, Helpers, Community Partners, & Collaboratives



Seekers are those seeking services to help navigate difficult circumstances and solve problems. Good Grid connects Seekers with community services and provides transparency and accountability as they collaborate with Helpers & Community Partners to receive these services. For example, Seekers may:

  • Look for services for a handicapped child
  • Request help with food, clothing, shelter
  • Apply for government services
  • Search for available employment opportunities

    Helpers & Community Partners

    Helpers & Community Partners are those that help Seekers navigate services on their journey towards a better life. Good Grid helps them collaborate with Seekers as they make progress towards their goals. Examples might be:

  • An Employment Specialist, an Advisor, or a Mentor (Helper)
  • A Veterans Resource Center (Community Partner)
  • A Hospital or Recovery Center (Community Partner)


    Collaboratives are networks of trusted community partners that leverage each other's services to better meet the needs of Searchers in a holistic, comprehensive way and analyze progress on a community-wide level. An example of a Collaborative might be:

  • A Reentry, Homelessness, or Domestic Violence Task Force
  • A health system managing service delivery to SDOH partners
  • Any network of partners at the city, county, or state-level

  • Feature Highlights

    These fully-integrated modules can be added on for Collaboratives & Community Partners.


    Engage more effectively with fully integrated Meeting Rooms, Task and Document Management, & Custom Form Builder.


    Consolidate ranking, eligibility, and bed-availability processes that streamline the workflow from housing application to bed reserved.


    Post & apply for full-time, part-time, volunteer, and gig opportunities. Includes online interviews & timesheet log capabilities.


    Screen & manage the application process for government assistance, such as SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid. Includes Tax Filing as well.


    Build custom courses complete with assignments, quizzes, certificates, etc, or browse & assign from the Good Grid course library.


    Utilize our fully integrated social network to perform easy outreach on events, resources, & services. Includes a searchable directory.


    Coordinate treatment planning based on the latest DSM-5 standards. Complete with medical billing codes & a homework planner.


    Add from a custom set of analytics widgets from client demographics and caseworker productivity to community-wide assessment and evaluations. Also includes ad-hoc reporting.

    Download GG Client App completely for free

    Seekers can use GG Client to connect to community providers, request services from them, manage tasks & appointments, and securely access their files, folders, & emails. Good Grid provides a trusted, safe & secure network for you to communicate and share progress with your community partners on your path to a brighter future.

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    We are honored to work alongside so many wonderful, giving, & impactful partners.

    • Good Grid is a tool ...that enables us to help twice as many clients in half the time.  From a community perspective, ...we can go to one location and communicate with other organizations, see upcoming events, job postings, hiring events and clinics that are going on in the community.... [Good Grid] is a one-stop place that we can go.  For residents in Arkansas, ...[Good Grid] is one place that they can go to to find hope and it is a piece of hope that sometimes is the only hope that some of our clients have.

      Marty Hausam
      Reentry Program Manager | Goodwill Industries of Arkansas
    • So for nonprofits that are relying on public resources…, you always have to be able to tell the story of what difference you’re making in the lives of…people you’re serving…. The challenge has always been for a nonprofit that everybody wants to know the impact that you’re having, everybody wants to know how you’re doing, [but] nobody wants to pay you to do that work.

      What we’ve seen is that when you leverage the Good Grid technology to provide nonprofits… the ability to assess the impact of their work, that they can do continuous improvement for their individual participants, they can begin to measure impact across all of their participants, and when you do that same thing across a set of nonprofits doing the same type of work, you can begin to suggest to funders and other folks, here a place where you ought to invest money, here’s some things that we need to do differently writ large, and here’s a way to get better impact.

      Cory Anderson
      Chief Innovation Officer | Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF)
    • Nonprofit work is hard, the very nature of it, … and for staff and directors in those organizations, we would rather have our members focus on [solving] the actual problems as opposed to trying to deal with the day-to-day,  mundane [work] of actually taking paper and trying to collectively build a system.  [Good Grid] makes it seamless and efficient for all of our partners to use it, to make an impact, and do to the work of nonprofits.

      When we started to use [Good Grid], we wanted to get some very core, solid metrics that we could track for boys and men of color, but … we [found] a platform that in a very practical way, [allowed us] to …understand the issues that they’re struggling with and ultimately help them in their lives, not just individually, but with their families, make an empirical impact in the lives of boys and men of color. That is the greatest benefit and the greatest contrast to where we started and where we are today.  

      Dr. Joseph Jones
      Project Manager | Boys & Men of Color Educational Initiative

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